Lali A. Love Author Update -May 2022

Lali A. Love Author Update -May 2022


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Well, It looks like I will be participating in my first ever Comiccon 2022 Convention! I’m really looking forward to this 3-day exhibit, but there’s so much to prepare for my booth and book boxes.

∞ I can’t believe that paperback copies of Blade of Truth have sold out at every local Chapters-Indigo Bookstores! Stay tuned for book signing event announcements over the next few months.

I’m happy to announce that the final book in The De-Coding of Jo  Series, Keys to Eternity will be released on 7.7.22! I am so thankful to the entire editing team, beta readers, and graphic designers for preparing my novel for publication. We are currently looking for ARC readers, so please reach out if you’re interested.

This epic fantasy science fiction literally transcends space and time, propelling Jo into another alternate Universe. If you love reading high fantasy tropes, this book has it all! A love triangle, best friends to enemies, good vs evil, time travel, ancient realms, the prophecy, hidden revelations, dragons, and more! I’m excited to share the book trailer.

A special shout out to Author Halo Scot for her incredible testimonial, I am eternally grateful for your support. Check out all her brilliant books, The Rift Cycle Series, and The Heartbeat of a Million Dreams


I had the great honor and pleasure of reading Captive Hearts by the amazing Author Kelly Miller. Read my 5 Star review of this beautiful regency romance book, recommend it to everyone!

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