Lali A. Love

Multi-Award Winning Author, Amazon Best Seller

ANANDA, Poetry for the Soul

Ananda, the bliss within, is an inspirational poetic sonata for the evolution of the Soul. With harmonic verses, each healing poem provides therapeutic, meditative, and transformative reading for self mastery. A handbook for the wellbeing of the Soul, with messages of hope and transcendence imbues each page and highlights the interconnectedness of humanity. “When we operate from the space of heart-centered consciousness, every Soul becomes our mirror and our teacher. We are all connected within this web of radiant life force energy called Love.” —Lali A. Love


“Beautiful esoteric poetry that takes you to a magical place both within and outside of yourself. I received an Advance Reader Copy of Ananda: Poetry of the Soul by Lali A. Love. I was drawn to this book when I realized that it was metaphysical and esoteric poetry. This poetry is beautiful and spoke to my soul. As someone deeply invested in her own soul’s journey, I connected with Lali A. Love’s poetry deeply. As I was reading her words, my heart bloomed and I felt seen and inspired more than I ever have before reading poetry.

I particularly loved the poem entitled “Gratitude.” I’ve been much more intentional about my own gratitude practice the last couple of years, and this poem was magic, speaking the exact words my soul sings every time I’m thankful. I also enjoyed the chakra series of poems and thought this was such a beautiful introduction to what each of these energetic portals symbolizes. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to read and review Ananda. It was a beautiful and perfect read to end 2020 and bring more hope and joy looking into the new year. I would love to quote just two short passages from Ananda that stood out for me:

“We are magnificent Souls created by flames,
Masquerading as people with human names.”


“Love’s request is simple,
Love asks us to merely embrace
Ourselves exactly as we are,
Surrender, trust, there is a higher intelligence
We are aspects of the One Source
Known as truth and love.”

I thank Lali for sharing her soul and this Universal wisdom with the world. Lali clearly has a strong connection with the infinite Source and is using her gift to bring insight to those ready to hear it. Grateful for this. I would recommend Ananda to anyone interested in learning more about spirituality or who is already interested in esoteric and metaphysical study. Ananda, while being beautiful poetry, provides some insight into many divine workings that will inspire and help you learn more about spiritual practices. –This text refers to the paperback edition.”





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