Lali A. Love

Multi-Award Winning Author, Amazon Best Seller

NEW RELEASE!  ANANDA: Poetry for the Soul 

The bliss within, a poetic sonata for the evolution of the soul

With harmonic verses, each healing poem provides therapeutic, meditative, and transformative reading for self mastery. A handbook for the wellbeing of the Soul, with messages of hope and transcendence imbues each page and highlights the interconnectedness of humanity.

“When we operate from the space of heart-centered consciousness, every Soul becomes our mirror and our teacher. We are all connected within this web of radiant life force energy called Love.” —Lali A. Love

RELEASE DATE: 01/21/2021 



A timely—yet timeless—poetry collection that is so resonant, so necessary, especially now.

A book to reread, study, and memorize, ANANDA is a prismatic sanctuary for your soul. As always, author Lali A. Love is masterful in her lyrical prose and literary rhythm. Her ingenious brand of science and spirituality shines in her newest work as she grounds, centers, and unifies humanity’s heartstrings in an invocation of universal awakening.

Love inspires self-validation, self-empowerment, and self-mastery in an anthology that acts as a spa for your spirit. Her poetry connects and aligns across both space and time—across all borders, from history’s echoes to modern reflections—and advocates healing one’s past to unlock one’s future.

With an emphasis on existential embrace and emotional emancipation, Love’s poetry will help you overcome mental static with intuitive wisdom and internal harmony to uncover the best version of yourself. By finding power through calm and strength through peace, she enables your personal revival with a liberation of self, an instillation of confidence, and an erasure of insecurities. Reading ANANDA is transcendent, an inhalation of life, that will balance and stabilize your heart and soul.” -Author Halo Scot


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