Blade of Truth: Ascending Angel Academy II



Life is for the living, to embrace the struggle,

Without avoiding or bypassing our emotional rubble.

The pain is an energetic tide that allows us to feel,

Exposing an awareness unseen that needs to heal.

By acknowledging the shifting seasons of our heart,

We drink the potion of recovery that will never depart.

This emotional capacity affects our changing flow,

Riding the surge of conditioning, diminishing the glow.

Our higher self guides the path to this understanding,

Aligning our minds, bodies, and Spirit without branding.

We keep fighting our battles with blades that endure,

We cry a million tears, but our eyes remain pure.

We have been abandoned, rejected, betrayed, and broken,

But we rise, integrating our warrior scars as a token.

A calamity is an experience where we were wronged,

But it is not our entire identity to be prolonged.

The Light has divulged, unearthing our shadows,

Revealing the darkness that feasts on our wallows.

Behold our inner radiance that consumes the night,

Reflecting our innocence and integrity with delight.

We take back our power, combating conformity,

Making choices that don’t insult our Soul’s uniformity.

Upgrading, releasing, and clearing our density,

With majestic galactic light code intensity.

We honor our strength and truth with gratitude,

Connecting our unified hearts with greater latitude.

Bridging our spheres by respecting Mother Earth,

Entering a new paradise with humanity’s rebirth.

We assist our collective journey with gentle peace,

Focusing our heartfelt intentions, breath, and actions with ease.

Evolving our natural balance with harmony and self-love,

We remember our mastery graced by the Creator above.

Lali A. Love