Keys to Eternity

About The De-Coding of Jo: Keys to Eternity

Ascending Angel Academy III


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In the third and final installment of the Ascending Angel Academy Series (14+), Keys to Eternity provides a blend of science fiction, epic, and dark portal fantasy where the paranormal elements ramp up the magnitude of the artificial timeline within a phantom matrix story. 

Lust, greed, destruction. Humanity has fallen into an inverted matrix. Menacing energy vampires are hunting Jo’s best friends and siphoning the souls of StarSeeds. To save everyone she loves from extinction, Jo must collapse the false Phantom timeline using Stargate portals and time hops into the ancient Age of Lemuria.

Jo and Alicia reunite with Roma and legendary mythical Warriors. They trek through the enchanted Luminary Realms to fulfill the violet flame prophecy of the seven Eternal Archive Spheres. As the Plague of Chaos descends on innocence, the chosen Master Alchemist must embody Metatron’s organic keys to resurrect the modern timeline. 


“A dramatic dichotomy between chaos and coherence, threatening cataclysmic consequences. Jo must survive one final adventure as the end begins… an epic finale to a stupendous series. Love has crafted a stunning literary realm.” —Author Halo Scot

Keys to Eternity

Our story ignites orbs of time,

Unraveling the distorted shadow,

Empowering our conscious rhyme,

Dawning within the emerald meadow.

And those who perpetrate oppression,

May they purify in the violet flame,

Bringing evil days to dissolution,

Singing songs of freedom, our souls reclaim.


Book Reviews

“KEYS TO ETERNITY is the third book in the ASCENDING ANGEL ACADEMY series, and from the opening chapter, you know you are in for a soul-changing journey. Jo is back; her immense growth is phenomenal. She is a different person than the teenager we met in the first book, yet still true to herself. She has enabled herself through frequency-driven self-healing, mastered her mind through positive thought conditioning, and internalized joy to attain her strongest form.   [Read  more ]