Keys to Eternity

“KEYS TO ETERNITY is the third book in the ASCENDING ANGEL ACADEMY series, and from the opening chapter, you know you are in for a soul-changing journey. Jo is back; her immense growth is phenomenal. She is a different person than the teenager we met in the first book, yet still true to herself. She has enabled herself through frequency-driven self-healing, mastered her mind through positive thought conditioning, and internalized joy to attain her strongest form. As war looms on the horizon, threatening cataclysmic consequences, Jo must survive one final adventure as the end begins. Lali A. Love is a master at threading hope through this massive, glorious calling for humankind’s transcendence. This series is about becoming the best version of oneself and overcoming fear’s chains to find inner freedom and peace. There are existential battles between darkness and light, a dramatic dichotomy between chaos and control, and an awe-inspiring intersection of science and art. Love nurtures your inner child alongside Jo with empowering messages to achieve the pinnacle of transformation. This was an epic finale to a stupendous series, and this farewell is highly difficult. Love has crafted a stunning literary realm—one you will want to live in, dwell in, and never leave. Five of the brightest stars in the sky.” Author Halo Scot, The Rift Cycle Series, Heartbeat of a Million Dreams



“KEYS TO ETERNITY” is another masterwork by Lali Love. I’ve read each book in this marvelous series, and it is hard to believe that the author can improve on excellence. But that, she did. I was inspired by Ms. Love’s broad understanding of the metaphysical world and how she weaves life lessons into a story filled with mystery, drama, and love. The character development is well executed and authentic. The plotline kept me riveted from the start, and I raced to the end to discover how the author would resolve the conflict. KEYS TO ETERNITY is much more than a great story. It is a guide to living life on a higher plane—keying into our better angels, our greater selves. Everyone must read this book. It may very well change your life!”Dr. Mario Dell’Olio, Ethics Professor, Author of Letters from Italy, New Men, Body and Soul, Coming About


“KEYS TO ETERNITY” begins in a high school anatomy class where the teacher leads a fascinating discussion on, among other things, Darwinism. It is soon clear that there is a rift in Jo’s relationship with her close friend Nisha. Nisha’s girlfriend, Alicia, has been spending much time with Jo of late perfecting her telepathic skills. Jealousy and insecurity have made Nisha vulnerable to a nefarious group with deadly intent. Soon Jo, with help from her friend Alicia, gears up for a fight against evil with momentous repercussions. Jo continues her journey of spiritual enlightenment and shares her knowledge with her friend. But can Nisha be saved, especially after she facilitates the death of two others of their friends? KEYS TO ETERNITY is a spellbinding dark fantasy; an intense tale of good and evil, enhanced by beautiful prose and innovative ideas. This is a triumphant and satisfying finale to Ms. Love’s fantastic series!”—Author Kelly Miller, Captive Hearts