“Wrapped in a young adult story, Blade of Truth is a guide for the evolution to one’s higher self. It is a story that transports the reader to higher consciousness, tapping into energy that lights the path towards goodness. It is an examination of the existence of good and evil, where humankind continually battles the forces that drag it down to lower realms.

Delving into the heart and mind of the adolescent psyche, Ms. Love examines common struggles with sensitivity and compassion. The characters battle substance abuse/addiction, body image, and self-esteem. As each character is developed, Ms. Love reveals their individual paths and draws the reader into their lives, leading us to care deeply about them and root for them along their journey of self-discovery.

Having taught high school for thirty years, I believe that Lali A. Love captures the essence of the adolescent experience—self-doubt, the need to connect with others amidst feelings of isolation, and the fear of rejection. All this depth is encased within an action-packed adventure where the heroine learns of the power she holds within. Ms. Love presents visions of a utopian world of beauty and peace, where love and acceptance are unconditional. She reaches beyond our cultural and historical norms embracing diversity with no division or hatred.

There are so many profound messages in the Blade of Truth, but one strikes me the most—the importance of aligning with our inner truth, not letting outside forces, opinions, or energies get in the way of self-love, our journey, and life purpose. If we are true to ourselves, the world would be a better place.”

—Dr. Mario Dell’Olio, Ethics Professor, Author of New Men


“It’s a relief and a thrill to be back with Jo and the gang. In book two of the stellar Ascending Angel Academy series, the stakes are sky-high. The story sparkles with crystalline clarity as our main character, Jo, continues her celestial education.

With A Wrinkle in Time and The Matrix vibes, Blade of Truth will feed your mind, body, and soul. There is a treasure trove of brilliance here, a wealth of information nestled inside a hugely entertaining tale; it’s truly a story to savor.

A cosmic tapestry of science, spirituality, history, and myth weaves the next level of this epic saga. Lali A. Love expands the world and intensifies the battles, gripping the reader with intrigue and action from the very first page. We reunite with old friends and meet many new ones in Jo’s beautiful found family. The representation is superb; there is a reflection for every reality. The author champions a revolution in inclusion across the full spectrum of humanity. Her characters are not only diverse; they are accepted, and this acceptance paves the way to normalization.

Lali A. Love threads together brilliant strands of math, music, art, and universal patterns in a genius and ingenious tale of harmonic oneness and existential unity. Jo undergoes a transformation, and you will, too, throughout this book’s riveting, restorative transcendence.

Galaxies of wisdom await you. What a stunning, powerful message.”

—Halo Scot, Author of the Rift Cycle Series


“In book 2, Blade of Truth, Jo continues the ascension journey while recovering from a devastating loss. Jo is tasked with the quest of saving Roma, the Custodian of the Galaxy. The challenges Jo and Roma face along with her group of friends form the crux of this YA sci-fi/fantasy adventure. Although the book is a part of a series, it can also be read as a standalone.

The author, Lali A. Love is a fantastic writer with influence and wisdom in her words. Through her powerful prose, she manages to show the reader the power of healing through love, acceptance, and self-realization. She created a captivating, mesmerizing world through this story that feels as real as our everyday life. The author has used a superlative technique of telling this story by combining the spiritual, fantastical, and scientific aspects of writing.

I must also point out the exceptional job of diversity and inclusion in the book. The characters are vivid, talented, and from diverse backgrounds. It was heart-warming to see the author include characters from the LGBTQ+ community without stereotyping or side-lining them. As a YA book, this makes for an excellent read specifically for teenagers battling mental health and self-acceptance issues. If I must describe this book in one word, I will say it is Entrancing! If you love reading YA sci-fi/fantasy that leaves you with a powerful message, then this book is a MUST read for you!”

—Rashmi P. Menon, Author, Editor, Owner of Confessions of a Writeaholic


“In this brilliant second installment of the Ascending Angel Academy series, the journey to enlightenment hastens as the eternal struggle between good and evil intensifies. Readers of young adult fantasy will delight in the rich, multidimensional world-building that masterfully intertwines teen angst, struggle, and a higher calling.

The Blade of Truth grabbed me from the first page and, as all good series do, left me wanting more. Our benevolent hero, Jo, skillfully balances her sometimes complex friendships while facing a dark multidimensional seize on the Earth. A tall order, but she is far from the quintessential teenager.

This book is a page-turner, but what shines through is what Lali A. Love does best; inspire, include, and speak truths. You cannot read this book without being energized and optimistic for a better world. Make room on your shelves for this important series.”

—S.P. O’Farrell, Author of the Simone LaFray Mysteries


“As someone who devours books (fiction and nonfiction) centered on mystical forces, I loved Lali A. Love’s newest work. This novel comes after The Decoding of Jo, and it is a unique type of sci-fi/fantasy or magical realism. In this book, Jo is enlisted to battle entitles with nefarious intentions for Earth and its citizens. On one level, this book has science fiction overtones because of these bad entities. At the same time, mysticism plays an important role in Love’s universe, which could also be classified as magical realism.

The Blade of Truth is about young adults and their search for identity and independence. I would also recommend the novel for people who want coming-of-age stories with a mystical focus. In sum, people who enjoy detailed fantasy, and magical realism about astral realm, lucid dreaming, and humanity’s role in the larger cosmic context, will likely enjoy Lali A. Love’s latest work.”

—Anya Pavelle, Author, The Garden of Stone Houses


“The absolute journey that I was taken on while reading the Blade of Truth had me in awe. Lali A. Love captures every realm of not only the characters and their daily lives, but the journey, both mental and spiritual, that they are on.  And she does it in a way that is just gorgeous flowing prose.

This story picks up where the first book left us off and offers enough insight to be comfortably involved in getting right back into it.  Jo and her friends are typical high school kids by day, dealing with the serious situations of family dynamics, friend dynamics, teenage alcoholism, drugs, etc. The other half of the story is the enlightened side that captures the truth of situations, of people, of their vulnerabilities and their emotions, and comforts the reader to know that both are working together.

It was a journey that taught me about myself, about what I see in others, and gave me a lot of knowledge of trust in ourselves and our bodies. Again, this was a joy to read, and I can’t wait to get my hands on what Ms. Love brings forth next!”

—Ash Knight, Author, The Gravity of Shooting Stars