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Lali A. Love

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Spiritual Maturity

When we embody the Light with complete integration of mind, body, and Soul, we reach a state of spiritual maturity in our ascension journey. From this enlightened state of being, we honor our desires with the understanding that we may not receive them until we are fully ready. This insight requires a complete trust, surrender, and embrace of the loving, intelligent Universe. Journeying through an awakening process enables the gradual disappearance of our external wanting and expectations. We realize a harmonic flow with the Universe when we’re not weighed down by the energy generated from this emotional density. Endless materialistic yearnings may create a state of deficiency. How do we know what we need unless we take a break from what we want? Maturity and spiritual wisdom are prevalent when the action of constant longing is surrendered. Once we recognize that this is not to be used as a manifestation…


You are a powerful, beautiful, multi-dimensional being. When you embrace this inner knowing, you are able to quiet the negative chatter of the external world and tap into your unlimited power. In this stillness, you begin to release any need for judgement, comparison, or competition; attributes that can only create an inner turmoil, blocking your ability to connect to your higher self. This internal dialogue projects as the experience of your physical world and reality; observing the world through the lens of your perspective. Beyond that is the infinite realm of foresight and knowing, which becomes available to you with tranquility and the magic of inner silence. When we feel a sense of disappointment, it is a confirmation that the ego is not worthy of getting the object or materialist outcomes it desires instantly. When this occurs, it’s important to be aware that the Universe is trying to expand the…

Your Mastery

At some point in our journey, most of us experience a feeling that there is something greater than the physical world we inhabit. Whether we are inspired by the wonderment of the glorious view from a magnificent mountaintop, deciphering the mystical, the magnetic energy experienced by connecting with others, or the ambiguity of quantum physics, these precious moments can be both humbling and grounding. These elevated emotions and experiences shape the foundation of our spiritual journey, through our own creative expression. This is where we discover our strength and power within to become masters of our own reality. Through this evolution, we invite peace and tranquility into our heart-center and into every aspect of our daily life, helping us become more humble, compassionate, and kind. Once we reach this enlightened state, we become judgement free, energetically sensitive but non-reactive beings. This is the true personification of love without any attachment…

Elevated Emotions

When our heart is open, it is connected to the infinite possibilities that exist in the unified quantum field of potential energy. This is where polarity meets duality and the place where wholeness and divinity begin. When we combine a clear intention with our elevated emotions, we begin to transmit a whole new electromagnetic signature into the field. With this vibrational match, the frequency generated carries information throughout our physical bodies. We are more intuitive, more patient, more connected, more present, more understanding, more forgiving, and more knowing. When we truly operate from the space of love, we begin to feel oneness as unified consciousness, rather than the feelings of fear, separation and stress that divide communities and drain individuals of vital energy. Keep radiating at high frequencies of love beautiful Souls, we are ONE, connected in loving kindness. Blessings of infinite Light, Namaste.

Love in Action

We are facing an initiation for a global spiritual evolution, as an invitation to rise and transmute the emotional density emitted by the collective consciousness. During this time of healing, we have to remember to hold space for our own self reflections, courage to be honest, examine our patterns and behaviors and choose to make changes in a more loving and compassionate embrace of ourselves. This love in action enables us to become the living embodiment of celestial light. Self-love, acceptance, honor, alignment, truth, and harmony is the key to achieving integration and self-mastery. Keep radiating at high frequencies of loving kindness beautiful Souls. We are ONE, United in Love. Namaste.