Organic eMotions

“To Feel and Heal are Your Superpowers”


An introspective whisper of the Soul as we embrace feelings of melancholy, fury, hope, love, and wholeness. The poetic verses capture an empowering emotional vortex of wisdom with clarity, freedom, and purity through a vulnerable lens.

A rejuvenating lyrical reflection of humanity’s quantum healing and rebirth. The activating poems include elements of nostalgic, narrative, lyrical form of healing philosophies that aim to increase awareness within the deeper layers of the human psyche and emotional body, the vortex of autonomy.

The verses capture both the transient and the prevailing feelings through a vulnerable lens, using a powerful and electrifying nuanced artistic expression. A rejuvenating, poignant reflection of trauma liberation and quantum healing during humanity’s evolution.


Published by Ravens and Roses Publishing



 Her heart is pure and rightful,

Filled with kindness that’s insightful.

She guards with pride,

to heal and guide.

Nature’s beauty is delightful.

–Lali A. Love

Book Reviews

“What a life-changing, reading experience. This book is a soul pilgrimage. These poems are an awakening. Lali A. Love outdoes herself yet again in a glorious rendering of enlightenment and empowerment.

Love’s line, “You can’t burn the phoenix,” perfectly captures the electricity within this anthology. Her words gave me chills with their raw, edgy strength. This collection is powerful, moving, with self-healing and transformative themes. Playing with rhythm and structure, Love varies poetic form in clever ways to guide you through this spiritual adventure. She encourages the reader to embrace their own agency in resonant prose and ironclad wisdom.

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