As a multi-genre writer, my mission is to enlighten, empower, and entertain my readers through relatable storytelling. My purpose is to bridge metaphysical concepts with visionary fiction and to write inspirational and thought-provoking stories. My novels aim to serve as a catalyst for changing conversations about sensitive subject matter around childhood wounding such as abuse, rejection, loss, mental health, codependency, addictions, and feelings of unworthiness.

The prevalent themes of my fictional books are transformation, overcoming tragedy, self-love, forgiveness, and empowerment. I believe that it’s important to relay gripping stories that include diverse, inclusive relatable characters who undergo their internal struggles to heal the shadows within, as the protagonists fight evil with their eternal light force energy. 

My books examine the fundamental nature of reality, existence, and the power of the Universal Laws of Energy. Through the use of metaphysics and energy transmutation, the protagonists expose evil out of the shadows and bring the truth into the light with self-love, vulnerability, and acceptance, to live in freedom, peace, and in harmony with the Universe. In my celestial novels, the protagonists undergo a destructive process of enlightenment to come to the realization that everything consists of the vibrational frequencies of energy, including their thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions. I provide a detailed narrative on the tools and practices the characters use to shift their focus and attitudes to vibrate at high frequencies of the heart energy center that ultimately affects the quantum fields, which constitutes and determines the outcome of physical matter. Through the use of Universal Laws of Energy (Attraction, Vibration, etc.), my main characters discover their inner power to manifest their perceived reality, linking multi-dimensional concepts of existence, including the relationship between mind, matter and self-awareness into the visionary self-actualization storyline. 

This philosophy stems from the belief that our consciousness is the ultimate basis of our being that creates a projection of our reality. How our minds are programmed results in the experiences of our bodies, our perceptions and our lives. When we elevate our state of awareness, we re-invent and transform our consciousness to our highest level of divinity. This influences how we think, how we emotionally process our wounds, how we react, how we perceive the world around us, and how we connect with our loved ones. When we are no longer operating from a state of fear or scarcity, we are able to surrender to our present moments and appreciate the little things in life that bring us joy. It helps us achieve nurturing, loving, compassionate relationships, social interactions, behaviours and patterns that are more conducive to the process of awakening to our inherent truth within. When we heal our inner child and operate with love, kindness, compassion, and inner peace, it radiates externally and provides healing for our environment as well as our beloved planet.

As an advocate for children, women, equality, and self-healing journeys. I believe that we are all connected through the powerful energetic force of love. So, every book I write reflects my insights and philosophical experiences which may resonate with my readers. I hope my readers enjoy the unique storytelling and are taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride, from the pits of darkness into the warm radiance of light and wholeness, leaving them feeling empowered and thoroughly entertained at the same time.