Blade of Truth

About The De-Coding of Jo: Blade of Truth

Ascending Angel Academy II


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Gaia is perishing. Methodically poisoned, she sounds the alarm and activates the StarSeed Quest to save planet Earth from the Wizard of Bondage, who is determined to hijack humanity’s existence using psychic warfare.

Roma, a Custodian of the Galaxy, is imprisoned on a remote island by dark forces loyal to the Wizard. She telepathically communicates with Jo to guide her perilous mission on a school trip to the Canary Islands. While Jo and her friends learn the truth about the Ancient Galactic Wars, they are targeted by shapeshifting assassins and lured to a compound where Darkness reigns.

Emotions, Reality, and Timelines collide as Jo is thrust into the center of an epic cosmic reboot. Will the Blade of Truth devour her Soul? Will the balance between light and dark finally shift?


In the second book of the Ascending Angel Academy YA Series (14+), Blade of Truth provides a blend of epic, dark fantasy where the paranormal elements ramp up the magnitude of the artificial matrix science fiction story. The stakes are high, the world is in peril, and the conflict disrupts the protagonist’s storyline with disillusionment. Will Jo be able to stop the Lizzie agenda from conquering Gaia? Will she be able to save Roma and her friends from the evil that has permeated their reality?

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Life is for the living, to embrace the struggle,

Without avoiding or bypassing our emotional rubble.


The pain is an energetic tide that allows us to feel,

Exposing an awareness unseen that needs to heal.


By acknowledging the shifting seasons of our heart,

We drink the potion of recovery that will never depart.


This emotional capacity affects our changing flow,

Riding the surge of conditioning, diminishing the glow.

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Book Reviews

Wrapped in a young adult story, Blade of Truth is a guide for the evolution to one’s higher self. It is a story that transports the reader to higher consciousness, tapping into energy that lights the path towards goodness. It is an examination of the existence of good and evil, where humankind continually battles the forces that drag it down to lower realms.

Delving into the heart and mind of the adolescent psyche, Ms. Love examines common struggles with sensitivity and compassion. The characters battle substance abuse/addiction, body image, and self-esteem. As each character is developed, Ms. Love reveals their individual paths and draws the reader into their lives, leading us to care deeply about them and root for them along their journey of self-discovery.

Having taught high school for thirty years, I believe that Lali A. Love captures the essence of the adolescent experience—self-doubt, the need to connect with others amidst feelings of isolation, and the fear of rejection. All this depth is encased within an action-packed adventure where the heroine learns of the power she holds within. Ms. Love presents visions of a utopian world of beauty and peace, where love and acceptance are unconditional. She reaches beyond our cultural and historical norms embracing diversity with no division or hatred.

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