Heart of a Warrior Angel by Lali A. Love is an emotionally-riveting novel that has enthralled me so much that it reminded me of reading VC Andrew’s books. Lali A. Love’s intelligent and profound story-telling style will keep you captivated. I was so spellbound and inspired by the haunting story that I was unable to put the book down. It literally had me in tears. It is a fascinating and gripping story from start to finish. Lali A. Love is a gifted and noteworthy writer. Not only is Heart of a Warrior Angel a compelling, magnetic story, but the author’s emotive words engaged me from the very first chapter. I was so stirred by her sensitive narrative which touched my heart deeply. Heart of a Warrior Angel is a thought-provoking, mesmerizing and insightful book and comes highly recommended. It is a must-read for anyone suffering from childhood trauma or troubled pasts.” —Amazon Verified Review

“Articulate and full of spiritualism, Heart of a Warrior Angel by Lali A. Love is a journey not only in the world but within oneself. Our protagonist, Lilac, reflects on her life’s path as she reaches her twilight years. She recalls her journey through life as she crosses literal and metaphorical oceans to become the person she is in the moment. We learn her life story, her heartache, and her triumphs. We celebrate and grieve with her as this book lays bare the raw emotions that entangle themselves with the journey of life.  Heart of a Warrior Angel drips with dramatic tension, and excellent descriptions of the living situation Lilac regales us with is moving and heart rendering. It is a metaphysical thriller, with a touch of supernatural fantasy, following one woman’s journey through the hell on earth she was forced to live as she comes to terms with her ascension onto a spiritual plane deserving of her essence.”—Editorial Review, Literary Titan


Heart of a Warrior Angel by Lali A. Love recounts the harrowing life and family history of Lilac Noble, a young girl from the country of Georgia, as she struggles to liberate herself from the shadows of her past. From the systemic abuse and repression that has long scarred her family tree to post-traumatic stress symptoms and the battle between traditional healing and modern therapy, this story touches on some of the most challenging issues people face today. The raw emotions the author is able to manifest are palpable and unforgettable. As readers vicariously wade through financial hardship, loneliness, pain, death, and the long-term effects of grief, Lilac’s sheer determination becomes impossible to ignore. She is a modern-day heroine – far from perfect and layered with her own scars, but accepting of her emotional volatility and actively working to better herself and others. Some of the more graphic sections of abuse and trauma are disturbing, but they are never gratuitous, as they are core to Lilac’s story. A thoughtful and challenging novel about perseverance, Heart of a Warrior Angel is a moving tale that should help others find their own inner strength in the face of life’s mounting hardships.” —Editorial Review, SPR


“I could not put this book down. Lilac Noble’s story of harrowing childhood abuse caused by generations of deep social conditioning and fear is gripping and real. The reader is transported into the protagonist’s mind as she re-lives her past to uncover her family’s dark truth. But this is not a tale of despair. In an age where so many are struggling with trauma, weak mental health and a lack of connection to their inner spirit, Lilac’s story is a reminder of the resilience of family and the human heart. She finds the courage to use the intuition she had suppressed for so long and to seek her own truth—her Soul purpose. This book is for anyone who has struggled to find meaning in their darkest moments. As I read each chapter with anticipation, the words of Leonard Cohen played softly in the background until Lilac’s journey of the discovery reached its crescendo: “There is a crack in everything; that’s how the light gets in.” Indeed, Lali A. Love teaches a fundamental lesson: that the purest form of love is the one that comes from within.” —Reader Review, Lesley Warren


“Hauntingly beautiful is how I can describe this book. The message of good vs. evil throughout each chapter is a reality most of us can relate to. However, the story digs deep beyond the scars and pain, but yet subtle poetry reveals itself from the power of unconditional love. There are so many lessons about higher self, love, and what spirituality is from the eyes of the main character. Beyond this world, a higher source is present… I recommend a highlighter, and a journal as this is not only a fictional novel but a foundation of self-healing for all divine feminine. Thank you for this emotionally-charged, compelling, and inspirational story.” —Blogger Review, Divine’s Purpose


“Lali A. Love is clearly writing from the deepest places in her soul. I truly believe that storytelling and fiction is an art that can help us face some of the scars from our past, and the open, honest, and thoughtful way. Some of the heavy subjects that are written about in Heart of A Warrior Angel will bring emotional healing to readers.” —Amazon Verified Review


“Author Lali A. Love delivers a superb tale that encompasses a great many different lessons about the human spirit and the divine power to overcome darkness, and as such it will read as both realistic and inspirational despite its supernatural themes and settings. Lilac makes for a highly relatable central character, and I really enjoyed Love’s narrative style and how it brings us closer to the protagonist’s most intimate thoughts and feelings. I felt that the subject matter of abuse was sensitively handled and given an empowering storyline as the plot moved forward, which grounds the piece in realism but also pushes towards hope rather than victimhood. Overall, I would definitely recommend Heart of a Warrior Angel: From Darkness to Light to readers who enjoy emotive family sagas but also want real inspiring messages which underpin the emotional adventures they read about.”—K.C. Finn, Readers’ Favorite Review


Heart of a Warrior Angel is a book about courage and determination, love for family and a thirst for justice. Lali A. Love does a good job creating a descriptive storyline. All characters have backstories, offering readers some perspective as to what might have happened, which, I believe, is very important to create a memorable, impactful story. If you love fantasy fiction and are drawn to books that depict the actuality of human emotion and make the story relatable despite its obvious fiction-ness, then you’ll really enjoy this book as did I. Overall, I won’t give any part of the story away but this is a well-constructed story that very well depicts the emotions and feelings of human beings while taking us on a rather fascinating journey of love and unwavering devotion to family.” —Amazon Verified Review


Envie Magazine is proud to announce our Rising Star Author for February 2020, Lali A. Love and her award-winning debut novel Heart of a Warrior Angel! An epic read: “A raw, haunting novel of an inspirational journey that showcases resilience, intuition and an inner spirit that will not be suppressed, no matter the dark truth of a life filled with despair. Peeling back the layers of Heart of a Warrior Angel: From Darkness to Light by Lali A. Love, will take you from the depths of heart-wrenching trauma to a true understanding that “the tiniest spark of light can overcome the darkness of any magnitude”. This epic debut novel and portrayal of victims of physical, emotional and mental abuse is for anyone who has struggled to find the meaning of life in their absolute darkest of times. This journey of character, strength, courage mixed with transformative and unconditional love is the true story of a warrior. Hope transcends all. Lali A. Love wrote a magical novel, a story that will resonate, long after the last word is read. “I AM magic, love, kindness, and bliss, spreading messages of unity that you cannot miss”. This is an author to follow!” —Envy! Magazine Review