The Joy of I.T.

“Every now and again you come across a work which is insightful, soulful and meditative that somewhere deep, deep within you connects on such a powerful and healing level that you just know it is absolutely right. So, it is with this volume of work.

From the carefully selected inspirational quotations, from the likes of Rumi and Gandhi to Tesla and Einstein, that open and end each piece of spiritually centered prose, to the beautifully crafted rhythmic poetry complimented by gloriously colorful artwork in several artistic styles that rest within this book, each element resonates at such a fundamental level at your core, that you can’t help but acknowledge the Truth of it.

This book is like a handbook for the wellbeing of our souls, reconnecting the reader with what we know within ourselves to be true. It reminds us of what we are and what we can aspire to be despite the encumbrance of modern-day life. It reminds us also of the essential key ingredients of our souls, which are not the technological trappings of 21st century life. That our resources are not accessed from keyboards large or small but rather our resources come from within, if only we’d listen and allow those resources to help us and nurture us in our daily lives.

This quote, from within the book, in so few words says so much: “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.” —Maya Angelou

If your hectic 21st century lifestyle brain tells you this is not for you, do your soul, psyche, and inner calm a favor in this mad world and go get a copy of this book. Personally, I can’t wait for the hardcopy release.” Author Derek R. King



“This book is the breath of a star, an infusion of light and energy mined from the dawn of sentience through the modern revolution. Drawing from a magnificent selection of insights, poetry, and artwork, along with quotes from history’s giants, THE JOY OF I.T. is a tapestry of spiritual rebirth unlike any other. It is intuition incarnate, balance embodied, healing and harmonic, therapeutic and meditative and wholesome.

Love teaches gratitude, self-love, acceptance of change, spiritual maturation, and transcendental transformation in a wondrous treasure of creativity. This compilation is a renaissance of soul, a spiritual chanson, a symphony of golden awakening. It would make a perfect present for the holidays or for birthdays. Feed your soul with the gift of ascension.

I was enraptured from the start with this resonant, crystalline anthology. For anyone struggling to find, center, or ground themselves, this book is an anchor amidst life’s storm. Only when broken can we find truth beneath the shell.” Author Halo Scot



“The Joy of I.T. by Lali A. Love is a veritable feast for each of the senses. One can feel, taste, smell, and hear the words as they flow through the heart and body. The illustrations stimulate the mind with beautiful images of a celestial realm. The poems and readings lift the spirit and carry one to a higher vibration. Uplifting and inspiring, the wisdom shared within these pages are a treasure trove of insights. I found myself in a state of meditation as I absorbed each message that was lovingly written and artfully communicated. One can easily find themselves returning to these pages for a spiritual pick me up. Lessons of illumination frame poetry of spiritual enlightenment bringing light to darkness.

The message of hope and transcendence imbues each page and highlights the interconnectedness of humanity. One could read The Joy of I.T. In one sitting or return to it as a daily meditation. I highly recommend entering into the world of Lali A. Love in The Joy of I.T.” Dr. Mario Dell’Olio



“This book is a Divine gift as a love letter sent to all humanity. So inspiring and ground-breaking, this anthology is a compilation of spiritual wise insights, healing transformational poems and exquisite artworks that honor the sublime power of love and oneness.

Perfectly woven words and images. It left me feeling inspired and connected all the time and I gobbled it up, relishing the pages and savoring the wisdom through its magic. Every single reflection is adorned with ecstatic mystical poems that touch every soul looking for inner balance and seeking the unifying force within oneself that transcends culture, race, religion, and limiting beliefs.

The power between these pages of insights, poems, quotes, and visionary artwork will uplift you, will change you, will transform you and will guide you through contemporary struggles. The Joy of Infinite Transcendence has heart and is recommended to every soul aiming to discover its life’s mission and in the search for ascension and infinite bliss.” Poet Wahiba Rekkab



“The Joy of I.T. is one of the most beautiful books that I have ever read. Each page is an inspiration, and the book does not need to be read-through to receive the benefits, as each page uplifts and fulfills. The author has weaved together the glory of spiritual truths, elegant verse, and knockout imagery to give the reader much more than a read. This book is an experience of joy, love, a recollection of inner purpose, and grace.

As a survivor of a near-death-experience, where I left my body, experiencing unconditional love and witnessing a multitude of spiritual truths, such as humans are not meant to suffer, I can say that The Joy of I.T. is completely aligned to these truths, such truths that are known within every soul. I love how this book gives the experience in multiple ways, one page a poem or a verse on healing and awakening our own Divinity and the next page a divine picture.

I highly recommend this book in your home, by your bed or on your coffee table as a constant reminder of these truths that reside in your soul. We never know when we, or a house guest, may greatly need the uplifting love!” Author Michelle Faith Lucas