Organic eMotions

“What a life-changing, reading experience. This book is a soul pilgrimage. These poems are an awakening.  Lali A. Love outdoes herself yet again in a glorious rendering of enlightenment and empowerment. Love’s line, “You can’t burn the phoenix,” perfectly captures the electricity within this anthology. Her words gave me chills with their raw, edgy strength. This collection is powerful, moving, with self-healing and transformative themes. Playing with rhythm and structure, Love varies poetic form in clever ways to guide you through this spiritual adventure. She encourages the reader to embrace their own agency in resonant prose and ironclad wisdom. There is an energy here, a call to arms and a cry for peace, to protect each other and ourselves. Love says, “We are living in a fallen dream,” and that hauntingly beautiful line will always stick with me. She urges us to find sun through shadows and storms, and she enables us to find inner anchors. This is an absolutely stunning work of art. You will not leave this book the same.” Author Halo Scot



Organic eMotions by Lali A. Love is one such body of work that can be described not only as touching and inspiring, but also soulful and insightful. This anthology of poems is a beautiful amalgamation of the four stages of human existence. The reader travels through darkness in search of light and purity. Towards the end of the book, the reader exits the tunnel, leaving behind the shackles of fear, to be reborn, empowered, and enlightened with the powerful knowledge of self-healing. My favorite aspect of this book was the experience of undergoing the metamorphosis through the emotional healing themes of the poetic verses. I highly recommend Organic eMotions to everyone who enjoys reading inspiring and transformative poetry.”Editor Rashmi P. Menon


“A spiritual journey reflecting on purity, the essence of life as well as the turmoil and emotional mire which seeps into our daily lives. This poetry collection takes the reader on a lyrical trek of healing reflections to stimulate the deeper layers of human emotions and freedom. The myriad of external influences can sway us from understanding our true selves and being all that we can be, before affirming to us ALL that is possible when we acknowledge the truth of our essence. A must read.”Author Derek R. King



The inspiring poems are an introspective portrayal of deeper feelings of melancholy, confusion, hope, self-love, healing, wholeness, and empowerment. The verses capture both the transient and the prevailing emotions through a vulnerable lens, using a powerful and electrifying nuanced artistic expression. A rejuvenating, poignant, lyrical reflection of trauma liberation during humanity’s evolution.

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