The Joy of I.T.

The Joy of IT: Infinite Transcendence

Anthologies of Inspiration, Poetry, and Art



I am truly honored to bring you this compilation of affirmative insights, featuring the generous contributions of healing poetry by Gillian Small and visionary mixed media artwork by Aurelien PumaYana Floret, Michelle Aristocrat, Autumn Skye, and Daniel Holeman. It has been a pleasure presenting their creations, as we spread the light of Divine love through this magical tapestry of artistic expression. I hope you enjoy the spiritual wisdom and my eclectic debut poetry. My intention for writing these rhythmic verses is to empower, uplift, elevate consciousness, and stimulate heart-centered elation.”—Author Lali A. Love

The Joy of I.T. is a non-fiction, transformative book of ingenuity and inspiration as we shift into higher states of conscious community. Featuring a collection of forty poems, artwork, mantras, and affirmations, this book will motivate, enlighten, and cultivate your senses with visually stimulating vibrational frequencies of love.

A wonderful gift idea for the holidays or special occasions, The Joy of I.T. may be enjoyed as a coffee table book or by your bedside table for a boost of mystical adrenaline, guiding your journey toward self mastery, harmony and infinite transcendence for the well being of all.

Member of the Society of Classical Poets (MSCP)

Come Home to Me

Imagine a place of warmth and tranquility.

A field of eclectic realms, holding each other’s hand with agility.

Dancing together in joyful bliss,

Our hearts embrace with Divine’s blessed kiss.

Hear the harmonious sound waves of humanity,

Humming at the vibration of connected community.

Enveloped by elation and the pureness of childish giggles,

Our compassion and kindness are celebrated with wiggles.

We become one, unified in wholeness with the Source above,

Flowing back home to the rapture of our heart-centered love.

Lali A. Love

Book Reviews

This book is the breath of a star, an infusion of light and energy mined from the dawn of sentience through the modern revolution. Drawing from a magnificent selection of insights, poetry, and artwork, along with quotes from history’s giants, THE JOY OF I.T. is a tapestry of spiritual rebirth unlike any other. It is intuition incarnate, balance embodied, healing and harmonic, therapeutic and meditative and wholesome. [Read more ]