This Super Full Moon, May you release and surrender to IT (infinite transcendence) with your inner truths.

When there are triggers along our journey to our highest self, it’s an opportunity to heal the emotional density  and debris encoded in our cellular DNA. This is a gift to help us integrate our mind and heart-centered consciousness in our ascension process. This may be due to:

Breaking out the cycles of acting out the socially acceptable collective unconsciousness. Bringing the ego out of the shadows and into the light so it can become the IAM of your highest potential.

Memory is the most well organized form of imagination. On the quantum level, ascension has already happened.

Where you see conflict and turmoil, you spread light to all corners of reality to wake up an entire universe. Underneath please include the purchase links to Amazon, B&N, Indigo

We are enabling Earth, the sacred space to become a peaceful, sovereign portal where cosmic brothers and sisters from other dimensions and galaxies can interact with humanity with equality for all beings.

May you be blessed with limitless love, strength, bravery, joy, inspiration, grace, humility, and fulfillment. Namaste beautiful Souls, keep radiating at high frequencies of LOVE.
I AM loving Awareness.


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