You are a powerful, beautiful, multi-dimensional being. When you embrace this inner knowing, you are able to quiet the negative chatter of the external world and tap into your unlimited power. In this stillness, you begin to release any need for judgement, comparison, or competition; attributes that can only create an inner turmoil, blocking your ability to connect to your higher self. This internal dialogue projects as the experience of your physical world and reality; observing the world through the lens of your perspective. Beyond that is the infinite realm of foresight and knowing, which becomes available to you with tranquility and the magic of inner silence.

When we feel a sense of disappointment, it is a confirmation that the ego is not worthy of getting the object or materialist outcomes it desires instantly. When this occurs, it’s important to be aware that the Universe is trying to expand the limits of our viewpoint, expanding the parameters of our perception so we can realize our existence from a higher level of consciousness.

We only WANT the objects and outcomes that we desire because we IMAGINE that these dependencies are the only way in which we can achieve the ELATED FEELINGS and emotions in our bodies. To attract the higher positive vibrations, such as joy, inspiration, passion, pleasure, contentment, tranquility, which are all vibrational frequencies of fulfillment, we must become aware of these emotions and imagine these reactions without the attachment to materialistic objects.

When disappointment and feelings of sadness occur, it is an opportunity for us to hold space for these emotions, feel them deeply before we let go, surrender, and integrate these equally important sentiments into the Light.

When we are no longer triggered easily, we have reached an emotional spiritual maturity, creating space for the most pleasurable feelings and sensations. This new paradigm fifth dimensional perspective of raising our vibration is simply allowing us to respect our painful emotions, to be welcomed and honored, heard and felt in our hearts.

You are the co-creators, the influencers and therefore, the catalysts for evolution. Blessings Beloved.


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