Elevated Emotions

When our heart is open, it is connected to the infinite possibilities that exist in the unified quantum field of potential energy. This is where polarity meets duality and the place where wholeness and divinity begin. When we combine a clear intention with our elevated emotions, we begin to transmit a whole new electromagnetic signature into the […]

Love in Action

We are facing an initiation for a global spiritual evolution, as an invitation to rise and transmute the emotional density emitted by the collective consciousness. During this time of healing, we have to remember to hold space for our own self reflections, courage to be honest, examine our patterns and behaviors and choose to make changes […]


This Super Full Moon, May you release and surrender to IT (infinite transcendence) with your inner truths. When there are triggers along our journey to our highest self, it’s an opportunity to heal the emotional density  and debris encoded in our cellular DNA. This is a gift to help us integrate our mind and heart-centered […]